QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce (formerly known as TradeGecko) is a software that helps small businesses manage their inventory. Here are some selected work that I’ve done in the 2+ years I worked as a web designer at QuickBooks Commerce.
Web Design & Development

Blog Redesign

Prior to the redesign, the blog is just a paginated collection of all posts sorted by publish date. With the new design, the recently published posts are shown per category. A list of popular posts has been added as well. The new design allows more content to be showcased and promotes the different categories in the blog.

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Web Development

Knowledge Center

The knowledge center houses over 900 support articles. I collaborated with another designer to execute the design mockups. The new theme makes the support site more consistent with the marketing site in terms of branding and navigation.

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After the initial redesign, I helped to design and develop some improvements to the knowledge center.

Dynamic sidebar
The biggest update is improving on the sidebar of the article page. To make it easier to navigate, I added a dynamic list of categories and articles on the sidebar so that the user does not have to leave the current page to browse the contents of the knowledge center.

Other improvements include:
  • clicking on the images in articles shows the full size in a popup
  • updating the Getting Started and Contact support pages to reduce friction for customers of stand-alone QBC and bundled versions
Web Design & Development

Careers page

For a growing start up, talent acquisition was important. To support this, the careers page is redesigned to improve the UX and to show more of the company's culture.

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Video background
Added existing footage from company events on the background of the masthead
Added department and location-based filters, grouped the jobs by department.
Web Design & Development

Growth tools

To improve the SEO on our existing free tools pages, I was asked to develop a free online version of the tools that can be accessible on the page itself without downloading anything. Some examples include Shipping Label Generator, Reorder Point Calculator, and Sales Forecast Tool.

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