Etikado Design Sprint

Not to be confused with Enadoc 365 (which is a mobile scanner), Etikado is a personal document management app that lets users capture and organize their documents on their mobile phones. To kick-off this new project, I conducted a design sprint in Sri Lanka last October. (What is a design sprint, you ask?)


for 11(!) participants

Far from the recommended 5 participants, our eleven consists of machine learning specialists, to c-level people, developers, designers, etc.
I prepared a checklist of all the materials, considering the increased number of participants.

Videos & the Sprint book

To guide me through the entire process, I read the Sprint book, and compiled all useful design sprint-related videos in one playlist so I can easily show it to the participants whenever necessary.

Acts as a guide for the day

Aside from the book excerpts and videos, I also prepared slideshows for each day.
I included all the tasks in the slides, together with a brief explanation, rules if there's any, and more importantly, the duration of the task.


Sharing Knowledge & Inspiration

The first two days were spent creating a solid foundation of shared understanding about the project. This includes creating a prioritized features list, a user persona, and establishing the long-term goals.

Each participant also shared existing ideas that everyone can use to inform and inspire their suggested solutions.

  • Business Model Canvas
  • User Persona
  • User Journey Map
  • Solution Sketches

Winning Ideas

After looking at existing ideas and sketching their own solutions, everybody voted on ideas that seem worthy to test. Here are the winning ideas:



Everybody combined the winning ideas into one seamless storyboard.
This served as the guide for the prototype.

Rapid Prototyping

On the fourth day, a prototype was created using Photoshop and (because this is the only prototyping software that allowed horizontal scrolling). While the prototype isn't perfect, it proved useful enough for gathering user feedback. The day ended with a mock interview and a few tweaks to the prototype afterward.

Horizontal Scrolling

The designers experimented with using horizontal scrolling to browse through the results.

However, we have observed that it is more natural for the users to scroll vertically.

Favorites and Geotagging

The users easily understood the function of favorites. However, the geotagging feature confused some. Others also expressed concern that the app will wrongly identify the location of the document.


Presenting the results in cards allowed the designers to show essential information such as the filename, tags, the favorites and location icons - all in one place. The users easily understood and appreciated this.


The primary screen was a popular choice among all users. They immediately understood the function of the app from it, and appreciated the level of control (adding, deleting and renaming a folder) that it affords.

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